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Merci de vos commentaires !

Amandine is very professional and very pleasant to work with. Great job!

Your work so far has been excellent and we are very happy with your translations.

Thanks so much Amandine. Always a pleasure to work with you.

We got very positive feedback for the job you helped for this client.

Nous avons été très satisfaits du travail d'Amandine, tant pour la traduction que pour la relecture de nos documents. Elle sait respecter les délais qui lui sont imposés. Un travail de qualité !

It would be great to work with you again! 

Thanks so much Amandine! You’re a life saver! 

Du bon boulot, sympathique qui plus est. 

Having you on board reassures me that the project, no matter how big it is, is going to be top quality :)    

This was really great work!

We were very satisfied with your work :)   

In general, this job was very meticulously done, so I wanted to thank you for your hard work!

I really appreciate how hard you work for this project :)

We like when you help us and we don't want anyone else :) :) :)

Your work, according to everyone here on my team, is just phenomenal.

Amandine BAESEL, specialised translator