sociology, anthropology

I have a degree in Sociology - more specifically Anthropology, which provides me with a great knowledge of Social Sciences.


During my studies, I was also interested in philosophy and psychology.


Moreover, I volunteer as a humanitarian aider at the Protection Civile de Paris.

biology, medicine

I do have some expertise in biology and medicine as I was a firefighter for almost six years and I am know a first aider at the Protection Civile de Paris. I keep improving those skills on a daily basis.

paleontology, archeology

Paleontlogy and archeology have always been two passions of mine. This is why I read a lot of books and magazines on the subject.


This is also true for other natural sciences such as geology or astronomy.


I was a tennisplayer for 12 years.


From 2013 to 2015, I played softball in France (on a national level).

I also managed the team's Facebook page with updates about our trainings and games: Cometz Softball.


I also skateboard in my spare time!

Amandine BAESEL, specialised translator