contemporary art

Contemporary art is part of my everyday life. I regularly go to museums, galleries and art centres so as to attend exhibitions.


I also had the chance to work twice at the Centre Pompidou-Metz in France as a volunteer: I helped organise two art performances.


Finally, I am an amateur photographer - I mostly use analog cameras.


Just like art, music is an integral part of my everyday life. I go to a lot of contemporary concerts, which is how I keep discovering new bands and sounds.


Also, I was the Secretary of a cultural nonprofit organisation - our main mission was to throw social events (concerts, DJs, VJs).


Furthermore, I started playing music when I was five years old. Today I play the keyboard (organ, piano, synthesizer), the melodica, the guitar (electric), the flute and the harmonica - I am now creating my own computer music studio.


I am also interested in theatre. To me, it is a moment of exchange between the actors and the audience. I find it more than entertaining, I find it fulfilling.

Amandine BAESEL, specialised translator