who am I?

I am a native French speaker, and I have been passionate about languages for a long time now. Thanks to my literary studies I became interested in writing, and that is how I came to love translating.

I now hold a Master of English Language along with a Master of Specialised Translation - English and French (EMT quality label).


Since I am fond of linguistics and words, I mostly provide creative translations.


I also provide editing and proofreading services (on both translated and original texts).


Moreover, you can entrust me with terminology or localisation jobs.

I guarantee quality

Translation agencies serve as links between clients and freelance translators. They are supposed to choose the translator depending on the topic of the source text, but reality is quite different.

More often than not, translators are chosen according to their availability and rates only. The worst thing is these agencies charge you for supposedly edited translations while they seldom have them edited, for profit reasons. I know that from experience.


Furthermore, they contact several translators for one project so as to guarantee very short delivery times. With such methods, the terminology used in the translated text is incoherent and the style varies depending on the paragraph you are reading. All in all, this leads to inconsistent work.


For all those reasons, you should choose a freelance translator, someone to whom you can speak and explain your needs directly.


By entrusting me with your work, you can be sure to get coherence and quality.

rates and delivery times based on your needs

Translation agencies generally offer very high rates. There is no intermediary between freelance translators and their clients, therefore the rates are much lower.

You should also beware of agencies or freelance translators who offer you very low rates while guaranteeing very short delivery times. It can be tempting, but what about quality? Always bear in mind that your translation must be understood by the target reader, otherwise it could lead to serious misunderstandings or worse, it might damage the image of your company.


Rates and delivery times depend on many criteria, such as the number of words, the type of document, the area of expertise, etc. Feel welcome to contact me for a free quote!

Amandine BAESEL, specialised translator